“Bringing hope to people through education and community development”


We believe that Christian schools in every country whether developed or developing to have teachers who are fully trained to:

·         understand and embrace their calling as Christian teachers

·         understand what it means to be a Christian teacher

·         realise their God-given potential as teachers

·         ensure that their students are taught effectively within an hospitable Christian community

·         grow as vibrant members of, and contributors to, a shalom learning community.

Our History


New Hope International (NHI) has a rich history of assisting Christian Schools in Australia and overseas. The Ministry was birthed out of Christian Community Schools Ltd (CCSL) in Australia where Bob Frisken had been the President for ten years before CCSL was closed to allow for the formation of Christian Schools Australia.


In late 2001, John Frisken, the eldest son of Bob and Maryanne Frisken, suggested to the Council of CCSL the idea of forming an organisation that could create global networks between Christian schools. Thus in 2001, NHI was formed with some of the previous directors of CCSL with the aim of helping schools, particularly in developing countries, through visits, provision of resources and some teacher training. At the end of 2001, Maryanne resigned from her primary teaching position to work alongside Bob to develop NHI. This Spirit-led decision was key to the future direction and development of NHI.


In 2005, Bob visited the Solomon Islands where the Christian schools were crying out for teachers to be trained to be effective Christian Educators. Bob and Maryanne then wrote training material which has now become ‘The Effective Teaching and Learning Series’ (ETLS) a unique training series based on a discipleship methodology. God has used this to raise up Christian teachers throughout developing countries who can train their colleagues to embrace a biblically-shaped vision and practice in their schools. This has also happened in Australian schools.


The mission of NHI is bringing hope through education and community development. The vision that the Lord gave Bob and Maryanne has grown into a ministry that has blessed Christian teachers, schools and their wider communities both overseas and in Australia far beyond what was ever envisaged. New Hope International is now working in almost every continent where it has been invited to serve the local Christian Church to support and teach the ETLS to their schools, and to partner with them in developing their local communities to become self -sufficient enabling their schools to become sustainable over a long period of time.

the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few

Our Mission


The vision of New Hope International (NHI) is to bring hope to people through effective education, sustainable community development and transformational leadership training. Effective education must address all of a person and not just the cognitive area; it must aim to change in the way people live and act and not to just give them information and skills. The only hope for people is found in a relationship with Jesus. He spoke of the implications of this  in Luke 4:18 - 19. Since education must be holistic it should lead to sustainable and ongoing community development. If this is done faithfully the vision of Jesus will be accomplished.

Paul teaches that people to live lives that are worthy of their calling to be God’s people (Ephesians 4:1-6). NHI has developed and continues to develop an approach to education that is called the Effective Teaching and Learning Series (ETLS), which aims to help students to do this and become responsive disciples of Jesus Christ who are well educated and effective members of their community. It seeks to equip teachers to teach students in a Christian learning community (or shalom community) where they can put the truth of the Bible into practice in all areas of their lives and thus grow up into Christ (Ephesians 4:15).


The goal of the ETLS is that Christian teachers will be discipled to embrace a paradigm of education where they learn in a shalom community which is understood as God-fearing (Proverbs 1:7), Christ-centred (Colossians 1:18-20), Spirit-led (Romans 8:14-16) and grounded in the truth revealed in the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Sue Skuthorpe,

CEO and Founding Board Member


Meet the Staff

The Senior Executive Team

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Sue Skuthorpe




President and Chair

Helen Blanch

Director of Education and Leadership


David Ferguson

Director of Community Development and Administration

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Debra Ferguson

Community Development Department

Neville Pollard

Online Trainer

Education & Leadership Department


Lynette Hester

Trainer and Writer

Education & Leadership Department

Australian Support Team


Beth Boland


Regional Coordinator

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Anne-Marie Jayer

West Africa

Regional Coordinator

International Team


Juliet Galiwango


National Director


Timothy Mubiru


Assistant Director


Joash Maneipuri

Solomon Islands

National Director


Ruth Devi


National Director