“Bringing hope to people through education and community development”

Our Activities

The NHI educational mission and strategy is to train educators who will train others. Those trained will be involved in a discipleship process of training other teachers in their schools. This discipleship methodology is similar to the methods of Jesus (Mark 3:14) which were also used so effectively in the early Church. (2 Timothy 2:2). Just as the Word became flesh and lived among people (John 1:14) so effective teachers must be disciples of Jesus who live out their teaching and are models for those they teach (1 Corinthians 11:1).

New Hope understands that sustainable development can only be built on community capability centred on people, their leaders, and appropriate values. While education is critical in developing productive societies, this education must be based around a shared set of values underpinning the community’s aspirations.

Leadership training is therefore essential to developing leaders who will set the goals for the community and provide inspiration and leadership to the younger generation.

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