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Christian Schools Bring Hope to Society

At New Hope International we believe that Christian Schools are a gift from God to the wider community. So I thought I would give you some thoughts about why we are here.

What is a Christian School?

A Christian school is a learning community that is based on, and promotes a Biblical Christian worldview, and which incorporates the teaching, ethics and values, taught by Jesus.

Why Are Christian Schools Needed?

1. Parents Need Christian Schools Parents want their children to have the opportunity for living a hope-filled life. Schools that are founded on Biblical principles of truth, justice and compassion provide a firm, but supportive and loving community for their students, and a clear value base for life. They also encourage each child to develop to his or her fullest potential in obedience to God and for the good of the whole community. This is a profound help to parents. 2. Students need Christian Schools Children and young people need to develop a clear value base for their life. Christian values and ethics teach students to give honour and respect to their parents, to teachers, to government authorities, and to their fellow students. They provide an understanding that there is a purpose to life and that Christian foundations provide clarity and hope to young people. Without such a sense of purpose students are likely to be confused, to lose hope and suffer depression, anxiety and a deep sense of rebellion. 3. Society needs Christian Schools Societies which have been based on Biblical ethics have been stable, productive and generally forward-looking communities. Biblical ethics and principles, taught in Christian Schools, promote a belief in the worth of each individual person; of his or her responsibility to the whole community; and the acceptance of a set of values based on the Ten Commandments (and Jesus’ law of love, the Great Commandment) which provide the standard for justice between individuals, and the basis for law and order in society as a whole. Christian schools promote such standards.

So that’s why we are so happy to work with schools in Australia and overseas, in the task of equipping them to build a learning community, and potentially, a society of justice and hope.


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