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New Hope on Monday July 2018 Critiquing Social Media Brings Hope

Who’s Teaching Our Children? Whose job is it to parent?

I was thinking about this recently as I watch my teenage granddaughter on her mobile phone. It caused me to think about how our children these days, especially in developed countries, and increasingly in developing countries have a new teacher. The teacher’s name is Social Media.

Social Media distorts and negates what parents are teaching their children. Christian parents in particular will be noticing the ever-widening gap between Biblical principles and values, and those preached by Social Media.

Social Media and its affiliates; the Kardashians, MTV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat; WhatsApp Tinder, Reddit… and the list goes on.

Just as a brief example, think about the scripture verses regarding the Fruit of the Spirit. Most Christians teach these to their children (and themselves) as examples of how we should live.

We teach the biblical value of Patience: SOCIAL MEDIA promotes instant gratification.

We teach the biblical value of Goodness: SOCIAL MEDIA rewards sexual promiscuity and narcissism

We teach the biblical value of Kindness: SOCIAL MEDIA encourages nastiness and bullying

We teach the biblical value of Self-control: SOCIAL MEDIA thrives on self-indulgence

We teach the biblical value of Love: SOCIAL MEDIA encourages lust, superficiality, spitefulness and negativity

We teach the biblical value of Peace: SOCIAL MEDIA teaches in-fighting and strife, and disturbs our sleep and our intimacy

We teach the biblical value of Faithfulness: SOCIAL MEDIA promotes deceit, cheating and anonymity

We teach the biblical value of Gentleness: SOCIAL MEDIA relies on trolling and harassment

What do you want your child to grow up to be?

A follower of the Social Media lifestyle or a follower of Jesus’ lifestyle?

I’d like to ask you another question. And maybe it’s a question you could ask your children/students. If we live a lifestyle which copies the values of Social Media what kind of world will we be living in within ten or twenty years? Would they like to bring up THEIR children in that world? Would that be a world filled with hope or pain?

In an increasingly complex and ‘connected’ world, you may (or may not) be able to tell the difference between what is good and what is not. We must help our young people to learn how to critique their viewing and social media involvement, because without considerable discussion and guidance, your children don’t stand a chance.

Food for thought?


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