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Looking for Hope Every Day

As my friend Jennie and I travel around Alaska and other parts of the world,

we constantly celebrate God’s blessings to us in the form of His creation.

Each time we see a Glacier, a snow capped mountain, an eagle soaring high, we honour the One who created such things for our pleasure and to testify to His Love and Goodness. While we feel blessed when we see landscapes across the world we are also conscious of God’s presence with us in the day to day.

Many years ago, as I lived in very difficult circumstances and felt in some ways, imprisoned, I began to look for God in each day. I watched for his encouragement as I suffered and felt trapped. While I continued to serve Him, life was very hard.

But each day He sent me a Word of encouragement. Sometimes a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, dropped in to see me; a bee settled on a flower beside me, my son ran up and gave me a hug; my dog plonked himself on my feet; a colleague gave me a hug (just because...) and someone wrote a note to tell me they loved me or appreciated something I had done. After a while a began to look for these little encouragements and saw them as a gift of hope from God.

I don’t believe that God is in the business of hurting us or punishing us because we make mistakes or wrong choices. He calls us to ask for forgiveness if we have sinned and then to continue to serve Him with our whole heart. But if life continues to be hard, God will continue to send you little signs of love and hope. Look for them. I do. Every day!


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