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Hope for our Students: Each One Unique

Anyone who has ever had trouble at school loves the following list of failures. If you are losing faith in your child’s ability to succeed, read this list. No matter how hard we all try, school isn’t always the best place to do our learning.

Agatha Christie didn’t want to learn to write.

Tim Winton was considered to be illiterate for much of his schooling.

President Woodrow Wilson couldn’t read until he was eleven.

Thomas Edison ran away from school because his teacher beat him with a cane for not paying attention and jiggling in his seat.

Winston Churchill was considered to be a failure at school.

Jesus Christ was only a minister for three years before he fell foul of the political system and was barbarically crucified.

It is so important that all of us, children and adults alike, are aware of our intrinsic value beyond the marks we receive (or received) at school. Everyone is made to be different. We all have different handprints and heartprints. We all have the capacity to rise above our view of ourselves and to achieve remarkable things.

Agatha Christie didn’t want to learn to write, yet she became one of the world’s most prolific and well-loved authors. As with Tim Winton, God had put within her an amazing gift and she eventually found it. I’m sure that as President of the USA Woodrow Wilson laughed about the worry from his parents and teachers in his early years of schooling. Maybe Thomas Edison was an ADHD child, yet look at the revolution in communication he achieved. Some people are just late bloomers. Jesus Christ worked as a carpenter until he was thirty. Then His real ministry began. And look what Christ achieved in those three years, up to and including His death.

What I am trying to say is that in schools wherever they are, whether in Australia, New Zealand, Uganda, PNG or Indonesia, teachers should work hard to ensure that their children are taught for different learning styles; that they differentiate the curriculum providing for differing abilities within the classroom. They should also build rapport with their children understanding that the best way to discipline is within a respectful and caring relationship.

Can we assure the parents who place their children in our care that each child is prayed for as one made in the image of God? Unique. Blessed with a capacity beyond our knowing. If the most important thing that our students learn at school and at home is that they are loved (with boundaries of course), there’s every chance that by the grace of God, that our students will become kind and loving adults, full of wisdom. That’s what we really want. That’s what we strive for. Equipping them for life and preparing them for eternity.


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