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Evolution and Secularism: Hope or Disaster?

New Hope International aims to provide teaching for Schools across the world. In many countries that you may never have heard of, such as Berkino Fasa, there are parents who want Christian Education for their children, just as parents in Australia do. Why is that? One answer to the question lies in the current ‘religion’ of Secular Humanism. The primary basis of secular-humanism is the theory of evolution which provides the so-called scientific basis for refusing to believe in God. In most secular schools evolution is taught as a fact and the creationary model is not even mentioned as a serious explanation as to how the world began. In History, Geography, Biology, Physics, English and Social Sciences, evolutionary processes, concepts and the accuracy of carbon dating are accepted as ‘proven facts’. The fact that the evidence of science fits the creationary model as well, is not even mentioned. If you watch so many of the nature programs on TV the total acceptance of the evolutionary model is clear to see. However, when I see the beauty and wonderful intricacy of nature on these programs, I thank God for the powerful and artistic beauty of His creation. I don’t think about how this hummingbird was accidentally formed over millions of years of genetic change. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Unfortunately, what evolutionary thinking does so successfully is to take God out of any of the equations of life. He didn’t make us: we evolved. God is not there: so why should we worry about the Bible? There are no absolutes: we can do what we like. All of this thinking degrades our society and has led to the breakdown of its values and the lack of hope which pervades our lives, and the lives of our children. One of the main reasons for sending children to a Christian school, whether in Australia, New Zealand or in Uganda and Bali, is to allow them to learn to think as Christians about the world in which we live. They develop a truly Christian worldview where the Bible is seen as relevant for all of life. Where there is knowledge of God, expressed in His creation and in the loving death of His son, there is always hope. Sue

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