There are at least 7000 Christian schools in existence in Indonesia. These schools cater for the wealthy, middle class and lower class citizens of Indonesia. Many of the students attending are Christian, but within these schools there are also Hindu, Buddhist and even Muslims that teachers have the opportunity to share the gospel with and minister to. There is a great need for teacher training in Indonesia as many teachers do not have any formal teaching qualifications and some don’t even have an undergraduate degree. Teachers in Christian schools also desire to understand how to teach as God intended. Some of them are working in remote regions for very little pay, or even voluntarily.

God has been working through the ETLS to bring transformation to individual hearts, and also impact upon schools (including their students) that have adopted the material for training. It has been a blessing to work with such cheerful, fun, musical and creative leaders and teachers. The ETLS courses in Indonesia have provided foundational principles about God’s desire for community within a Christian school. They usually involve a lot of singing, drama and laughter.

New Hope International has been operating in Indonesia since 2015. The main activities are Series One Training of Trainer courses. NHI runs these in several regions and in partnership with the Council for Christian Education in Indonesia (Majelis Pendidikan Kristen - MPK). At each event there are between 25-35 key leaders or teachers from various Christian schools in the region. After attending the week of training these trainers are equipped to go back to their school and begin implementing concepts taught through in-house training, mentorship or even through use within their school policy documents.

The ETLS Series One training course has also been adopted by Petra University, in Surabaya, to be used as a part of their Bachelor teacher-training program. There are further opportunities for NHI to train in other schools around Indonesia, but limited resources and time has restricted exploring these options.

Please praise and pray for the following:

  • Many people’s hearts being changed by the gospel, embedded within the ETLS training.

  • God providing trainers and interpreters for the training.

  • Follow up of trainees to be effectively occurring within schools where people have been trained.

  • Administrative help and appointment of a local Indonesian National Director.


Are you interested in helping in a practical way? Do you speak Indonesian? Would you like to assist with training? Would you like to donate to this work?

Please contact Beth, Indonesian National Coordinator, on +61 403 559 897 or