Transformational Education
ETLS training at KingsWay School

In January 2017, Kaya Lombaard and Rachel Wilding returned to Kathmandu to continue their work in up skilling teachers with the Australian organization Transform the Nations. Each year Christian Teachers are invited to donate their time, skills and resources in order to train teachers in countries where little training is available. To become part of this program, teachers have to complete the Effective Teaching and Learning Series course (ETLS). The three series program examines the foundations of Christian teaching with the final series requiring teachers to develop a curriculum for a Christian School in a developing nation.


Following the completion of their own training, Kaya and Rachel received accreditation to facilitate the training program at schools in New Zealand and overseas. In 2016, they provided series one training to their first group of teachers at KingsWay School. This year they have trained groups at series one and two. Once teachers complete the courses, they can become part of an overseas team that will bring training to teachers in countries where it is so desperately needed.

The benefits of offering the ETLS program at KingsWay are two-fold. It provides professional development to the staff undergoing the program and equips them to teach in an overseas environment where often the only resources are the teachers themselves. Many of the teachers, who undertake the training, have testified to how it has impacted their personal teaching practice.


Here is some of the feedback we received following the ETLS 1 training:

  • “It gave me a sense of thinking about the community approach to teaching. It is not just about individual learning or achievement, but how we are learning as a community? How am I using my gifts for the community?”

  • “One of the best PD opportunities I have taken up regarding Teaching Christianly. I loved the depth of thought and the huge amount of work that had gone into this course. There was plenty of food for thought regarding our teaching practice.”

  • “ I think listening to the Holy Spirit more would be something I took away.”

  • “I gained confidence that I am no too far off track in my thinking and job focus/priority in reference to “Christian education at KingsWay School” (admin staff member)

  • “This course helped me reflect on my own teaching practice and helped me feel more confident in the content I create for classes. It also reminded me to follow and welcome the Holy Spirit in the classroom.”












As we look forward to next year, it is anticipated that some of the trainees will be joining us to train teachers in Nepal over the summer holidays. We have also been invited to facilitate training in other Christian Schools in Auckland. Some of the new trainees will be used as part of the program. Another exciting development is that ETLS training has been formally included as part of the school wide professional development program. In the future, every new teacher at KingsWay School will be taken through the program.

What a great time we spent together with Karen and Mary (Australia) for more than a week. The ministry the Lord did through them was really overflowing. Lord used both of them mightily among our Team.

What a great training we have learned from Karen and Mary and Inside of the teaching of christian education about shalom community is really lift up our Heart for  Working His Kingdom. After the Training we really became old out more to serve our Community and serve our Children.

All the topics and subjects from this years training is encouraged us a lot to serve our community so that many children should know Him and we should empower our teachers so we can make our community became a shalom community.

We are really encouraged by getting training from New Hope International and we are also thankful for the grate partnership which we have. Our team are so much passionate and committed to train more christian teachers, so that we can equip our teachers by this great materials and teaching of christian education.


Thank you so much for all the hard works and partnership for our nation. We understood the shalom community so well and please pray so we can work for the schools to make it step by step.


Thank you again for the better partnership for the God’s Kingdom.

Much Love – Lazarus