The New Hope Board comprises of the following Directors.

  • Sue Skuthorpe (CEO and Founding Board Member of NHI)
  • Bob Frisken (President and Founding Board Member of NHI)
  • John Frisken (Acting Chair, Founding Board Member of NHI and Owner of Information Systems Group – Sydney NSW)
  • Catriona Wansbrough (Principal, St Andrews Christian College – Melbourne VIC)
  • Grahame Kerr (Transform the Nations (Educate Nepal))
  • Dr Craig Murison
  • Wendy Moran (Executive Assistant to Managing Director – Genzyme)
  • Liz Hutton
  • Mark Bensley
  • Dr Ted Boyce (On the Board of Reference for NHI – Principal of Pacific Hills Christian School – Sydney NSW)

Board of Directors 2016 – Sue Skuthorpe (Chair), John Frisken (Vice Chair), Bob Frisken (President), Craig Murison, Grahame Kerr and Ali Bannister (Since Resigned) Absent: Catriona Wansbrough, Wendy moran, Liz Hutton, Mark Bensley and Dr Ted Boyce

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