PD and the ETLS Training

The’ Effective Teaching and Learning Series’

The ‘Effective Teaching and Learning Series’ (ETLS) was developed by New Hope International (NHI) in response to a request by the South Sea Evangelical Church in the Solomon Islands for training to help make their schools Christian. This Series is now apart of NHI’s ‘Education for Change’ program, which aims to bring hope to people in less developed countries to be trainers in the Effective Teaching and Learning Series which comprises of three Series.

Series 1: Introduction to Effective Teaching and Learning

Series 2: Approaches to Effective Teaching and Learning

Series 3: Implementing an Effective Curriculum

Each Series can be delivered in either a one-week intensive course or as shorter two-hour sessions over a longer period and conducted in schools in Australia, as professional development.

This week long intensive seminar will assist you in three ways.

1. By completing all three Series, it will assist you in becoming an Approved Accredited Trainer of the ‘Effective Teaching Learning Series’ which enables you to train and assist teachers in Christian schools in Australia and in less developed countries of the world, on behalf of New Hope International.

2. By completing any of the Series, you can become a facilitator of the ‘Effective Teaching Learning Series’¬† in the series you have been trained in. This then enables you to conduct the series in your own school environment as professional development for the other teachers in your school.

3. By using this week as your own professional development program which will assist you in knowing what it means to be a truly Christian teacher in a Christian school and the challenges God has set before you in this very important role as a Teacher.

For more information about the ETLS Training please read either of these documents  EDUCATING FOR CHANGE or NHI APPROACHES TO TRAINING.


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