Maitland Christian School visists the Solomon Islands – 2016

Short Video of Maitland CS visiting Solomon Islands

After commencing the NHI course in January a connection between Maitland Christian School and the South Seas Evangelical Church in the Solomon Islands was made. Our school was asked to partner with one of 6 SSEC Schools with the hope of it becoming a lighthouse school in the community. We were asked to partner with the Justus Ganifiri Community High School in East Malaita.

 As initial visit, we were able to take a team of 9 students and 4 staff to start the relationship and be of service and encouragement to one another. The trip to East Malaita involves two plane flights, a boat ride (very bumpy on the way there) and over 3 hours of negotiating the East Malaita Rd on the back of a 4WD truck. The journey prepared our heart for the special things that God was going to do.

 As well as bringing NHI books as a resource, we were also able to bring resources in developing Christian Curriculum and also effective pedagogy. The visit this year involved our students sharing the gospel via Music, Drama and Craft activities; undertaking the ‘Days for Girls’ program with the teenage girls in the village; repairing and showing the villagers how to maintain the two solar systems at the school; providing a generator as a gift from our student body to their school and also providing four laptops to the school as well. We shared fellowship and community over the two days that were there and benefitted from the joy that only fellowship in Jesus can bring. Our students were deeply touched by how, despite a lack of worldly possessions, there was a richness in this remote village location that has very few of the physical possessions that we do.

Looking ahead, our plan is to return in 2017 with a staff team during our PD week. We plan to grow next year by serving. There is much that we have to offer to each other from our different backgrounds and we are truly excited with what God will do with this. We are thankful for what the journey of growing in Jesus will mean for our schools and us as individuals as well. Our students and staff left deeply touched by the people of Nafinua. We are thankful that the body of Christ reflects the richness we have in knowing Him.

Tonga April 2016

Tonga Group

During the April school holidays, Amanda Harris, Judy Harris, Denise DeWitte and Michelle Taunga travelled to the main island of Tonga to teach Series One of the New Hope International Effective and Teaching & Learning Series. In partnership with the Free Wesleyan Church Education Department and the Tupou Tertiary Institute, a group of 25 participants were selected to be the first Tongan group to train towards becoming future facilitators of the NHI course.

Training was held at the Tupou Tertiary Institute and strong connections were made. Throughout the whole week it was evident that God’s hand was over everything that was taught. It was exciting to see the participants understand the concepts and implications for their teaching. To ensure that this group will continue to grow, they will continue to be mentored throughout the year. Every month the group will be completing readings and activities about changes they are making. This was made possible by Denise who created a website to act as an online learning community.

Next year, Amanda, Judy, Denise & Michelle will return to teach Series Two to the first group of Tongans. They will also facilitate and support Group 1 to teach NHI Series One to a new group of Tongan teachers.

Please pray for our first group of Tongan teachers; that they will implement changes in their own teaching and work towards becoming effective facilitators of the NHI course.