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News From Schools associated with NHI doing ‘Service Learning’ Activities.

TongaGreen Point Christian College (NSW)Tonga – The College, led by the Principal Debra Walls, has a global vision for staff and students to be involved in service to the wider community both locally and overseas. As part of this vision, Green Point Christian College has become an agency of New Hope International……….To read more click on the Tongan flag button.


Button Flag Nepal-128x128Livingstone Christian College (QLD) – Nepal – Livingstone Christian College on the Gold Coast is a community whose mission is “Educating for Eternity”. Their goal is to raise up disciples of Jesus who make a redemptive difference in their world. The ‘Livingstone Way’ is shaped by the life of Jesus as exemplified in the faith……..To read more click on the Nepal flag button.


Button Flag Samoa-128x128Toongabbie Christian School (TCS) NSW – Samoa – In God’s world, a life lived well acknowledges the need of the world and reaches out in healing grace. Service employs God-given gifts to love others with the sacrificial love of Jesus. At TCS all K-12 students are encouraged to live lives of service by engaging in the global mission of Jesus……..To read more click on the Samoan flag button.


3555-256x256x32Northcross Christian School (NSW)Uganda – It is once again a privilege to write about the impact that Kayunga Baptist School in Uganda has had within our community at Northcross. I am consistently humbled by the care and love the children here demonstrate for their friends at Kayunga, sometimes personally going without……..To read more click on the Ugandan flag button.


glossy round flag of VanuatuSt Andrews Christian College (VIC)  Vanuatu A team of 13 students, teachers and parents from St Andrews Christian College have just returned from a mission awareness trip to Vanuatu, to visit Tata School in Santo. The theme for the trip was “Growing in Christ”, with all the activities and lessons being based on John 15:5, ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man …..To read more click on the Vanuatu flag button.


PhilippinesCharlton Christian College (NSW)Philippines – This is the fifth time I have visited the Philippines. I have been teaching the Effective Teaching and Learning Series to the staff of King Solomon Christian School International. This school commenced twenty years ago in the lounge room…… read more click on the Philippines flag button


aboriginalRegents Park Christian School (NSW)Australian Aboriginal Community – We went to Cherbourg to serve the Aboriginal community in both practical and spiritual ways. Practical ways involved visiting the nursing home, playing with kids on the oval, attending football games, and making crafts with the kids. We hosted religious education classes, held youth nights and dance outreaches, and ………To read more click on the Aboriginal flag


collecting rockSometimes a need arises and it touches our hearts and we can’t help responding.  This has certainly been the case with the concreting of floors in Baptist Schools in Uganda.   When Dave and Barb Langford visited some of the schools in 2012, they became aware that a small flea, called a jigger, lived in classroom dirt floors and burrowed into children’s feet.  This caused infection and potential lameness and resulted in significant loss of schooling.  In 40% of their one hundred primary schools, there were about 200 dirt floors in brick classrooms alone.  Providing shoes for all students was unsustainable, but it became evident that school communities were willing to concrete the floors, Principal making aggregateif the cost of cement and skilled concretors was donated.  This was estimated to cost $250 per floor, cash that the subsistence farmers in these communities could never raise.

With donations from a church and Delivery of cementa Christian school, NHI ran a trial project of eight floors at Malongo BPS.  The community there was very concerned at falling enrolments because their children had to smear the floors with cow dung every day to suppress the jiggers.   The parents, staff and children completed the task quickly and under budget, providing detailed accounts for all costs.  Soon other Ugandan schools were collecting rocks, sand and water and others in parents mixingAustralia and New Zealand were hearing of the need through NHI.  By the end of 2013, three schools, three Bible Study Groups and twelve families had donated $8000, enough for 32 floors in eight schools.  This month, most were complete and from the Powerpoint presentations that the Baptist Union provided, the communities were thrilled with results of their labour and our support.

wetting baseThis year another $2000 has already been donated and two more schools are ready to start.   These schools are so poor that they cannot afford enough desks and many children sit on the dirt floors in class.   At this rate we hope to complete concreting the 200 floors in about five years, a rate that will not overburden the Baptist Union in providing oversight.  We are now investigating how we can reduce the problem in the many makeshift

timber classrooms where proper concreting is not a real option.  As an extra encouragement, these

Tamping wet concreteschools and others are receiving class sets of Bibles, costing $120, which are donated by people who see this as an equally important need for Christian schools that have no other resources. Finished

 Educating for Transformation PD Program approved by BOSTES (Australia)

“The vision of NHI is to ‘ bring hope through education and community development’. Part of this ministry involves contributing to the strengthening of Christian schools in Australia and facilitating networks between them and Christian schools in developing countries. The goal of Christian schools is the formation of students who are responsive disciples of  Jesus Christ. We want students throughout the nations to embrace Gospel-shaped lives that act redemptively in a broken world. Key to achieving this purpose is the ministry of Christian teachers whose lives and teaching practice have the greatest impact on the lives of students. NHI’s Professional Development Program Educating for Transformation will assist teachers, particularly teachers new to Christian schools, to understand and to practice a biblically-based philosophy of education and pedagogy. Please refer to the PD brochure Educating for Transformation for details related to the three day program and the three one-day courses.”

NHI Summer Training Report (2014) – Helen Blanch (NHI Education Director)

What an inspiring time was experienced by the thirty-nine delegates who attended this year’s training seminar at Morling College in Sydney from January 7-11, 2014. The delegates came from France, Africa, Tonga, Thailand and Australia and there was a wonderful unity among us as we worshiped together, ate meals and chatted about our experiences. Our NHI Administration Director, David Ferguson, his wife Debra and daughter Bethany were great hosts who made everyone feel welcome and well-cared for. Each delegate had come with a desire and commitment to be a more effective Christian educator and for many their vision extended to training others in developing countries.

2014-01-08 08.35.22Presenters (Bob Frisken, Neville Pollard, Lynette Hester, Sue Skuthorpe, Karen Pack, Helen Blanch) highly valued the way in which the delegates participated in the course sessions. Each of the three groups was a Christ-centred learning community where insights were shared with one another and truths were grappled with in relation to the implementation of the material in their own schools and in other cultures. This was reflected in many of the comments of the delegates, just to note a few- “The course was amazing-good and helpful, will come back”, “the overseas and cross-cultural delegates really added to the program” and “loved the group work”. Series Two had been rewritten in 2013 together with an accompanying Reflective Journal. The Series Two group through their engagement with the material and their enthusiasm have been a real encouragement regarding the effectiveness of the course material.

This year in the night program, there was a greater emphasis on learning how to train others cross-2014-01-09 19.43.01culturally. Beth Boland PA for Bob Frisken, gave an insightful and informative presentation “Teaching in a Cross Cultural Context” which set out the principles of “be a learner, love as Jesus loves and ensure learners feel culturally comfortable” and their application to learning. Karen Pack, who joined our NHI team of presenters for the first time, shared inspirational stories of how she taught the Word of God to pastors and leaders whom she was training in India in their cultural context. Davis Samuel, the Principal of Wakiso International Christian Academy in Uganda and Anne-Marie Jayer, a French trainer of Christian teachers in West Africa shared with us the ministries ACSI is involved in and the vision they have for Christian education in Africa. Dave Langford, the NHI Coordinator of Community development shared the vision and model of how NHI works in partnership with others in developing countries. Sue Skuthorpe who is Principal of Charlton Christian College and Chair of the NHI Board, shared about her school’s partnership with the King Solomon School in the Philippines. Some of her staff who completed the ETLS course in previous years have been involved in training the Filipino teachers. The Charlton students have also provided resources for projects that will assist the school to develop and be self-sustaining. The partnership between the two schools highlighted the power to bring transformation when teachers and students resolve to make a difference in the world and love others in practical ways.

2014-01-09 19.28.35One of the most encouraging aspects of the training was the number of delegates who have embraced the vision to be involved in equipping teachers in developing countries both now and into the future. Ken and Jan Wigley are currently assisting to set up a Christian school in Nepal. The teachers from Green Point Christian College (Amanda Harris, Michelle Taunga, Denise De Witte) are doing ETLS training so they can be equipped to train teachers in Tonga. Renee Carter from Charlton College has already traveled to Uganda to participate in a library training seminar. Two of the teachers from Tonga (Amelia and Isaiah) attended the training for Series One. Joshua Goh who was also in Series One, works in Thailand as the Director of the New Light Foundation and the New Light Christian School and is keen to train the teachers in his school.

The Gospel of Christ is the hope of our children and the nations. The Lord is raising up Christian teachers all around the world and there is a sense of excitement about what God is doing globally through Christian education. Schools are being established in many different developing countries and an important key to their effectiveness in the Kingdom of God are Spirit-led teachers who are called and equipped to raise up children to be responsive disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ both in Australia and overseas. Generations of children can act redemptively in a broken world to bring change to their nations. This training program certainly engendered this HOPE for the future.


Class of 2014

Class of 2014

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