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The NHI Ugandan Seminar Report

Around the world, the Lord is doing wonderful things through Christian education. The focus of the Effective teaching and Learning Series is to pass on a transformative vision of education which is grounded and framed in a Biblical understanding of Christ-centered schooling. As the ACSI African Director Samson Makhado said “Now it is time for Africa to shape itself and take the Gospel back to the brothers and sisters in the western world. To deepen education in Africa and to equip Africans for the occasion, we need Christian education…”

The ninety teachers who attended the seminars came from the Baptist Union schools, a number of other Christian schools including schools from ACSI, the Christian Schools development Organisation and COME and from some government schools. The teaching team comprised three Australians-Bob, Helen and Kylie (a teacher from WA) and three Ugandans- Juliet, Maureen and Winnie (the Heads of the two Watoto schools). Kylie was able to bring her family to Africa, her husband Alistair and two children Cameron and Rowena. Alistair was able to give valuable IT assistance in the Baptist Union office and the children related so well to our African friends.

The team enjoyed rich fellowship and our unity demonstrated a Christ-centered community. Series 1 seminars were led by Juliet and Kylie, Series 2 by Maureen and Winnie and Series 3 by Bob and Helen. Each of the groups was open and responsive to the Lord as they sort to grapple with the concepts and their practical implementation in their own school situations. Lively and fruitful discussions and much laughter were had in all groups. The purpose of the NHI Series training is not to train all the Christian teachers in a country but to equip those who have the capacity to train others. In this way the Christian Education of the Effective teaching and learning Series can multiply throughout local schools and be contextualised in their culture. The vision is that all Christian schools in Uganda will be God-fearing and Christ-centered learning communities that are led by the Holy Spirit and shaped by the Word of God.

Two special occasions marked our conference. On the last night, we enjoyed a celebration evening of worship and testimony. Teachers from each group shared what the Lord had been teaching them during the week. It was a special time of praise, thanksgiving and anticipation of what God is going to do through the lives of His people when they return to their schools where they face great difficulties and struggles. Bob closed the evening by sharing the vision that God has given and was expressed at the African Roundtable to encourage them in this ministry of which they are a part. One of the African teachers had shared a morning devotion from 2 Corinthians 4:1-12 to challenge the teachers that though the road to be traveled is tough, the Lord has entrusted to us, who are earthen vessels, the treasure of the Gospel and will through his death and resurrection shape and empower our lives to fulfill this ministry.

Our conference closed with the presentation of certificates. The President of the Ugandan Baptist Union was the speaker. Many of the teachers filled out the NHI application to be an Approved School-Based facilitator. This means that when they are approved by their National NHI Coordinator (Juliet), they will be able to train teachers in their own schools. NHI will provide the books for them.

From the perspective of both the staff team and the trainees, the conference was a truly blessed time. We are deeply grateful to God for the partnerships that NHI are forming in Uganda and the privilege of being part of this ministry. Africa has a future and a hope because of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Helen Blanch – International Education Director


Help for Refugees in Burma!

There are about 5000 Chin Refugees in Delhi.  They live down narrow alleys full of trash, open sewers and disease.  They sleep 10 or 12 to a room that is may be 12×10 ft. square.  They live on rice, some greens and water.  At night it so hot, some of the family will go up on the roof to sleep.  The Chin people come from the west of Myanmar (Burma).   Since 1988 the Chin fell under harassment, abuse, torture, and killing at the hands of the Myanmar Army under the direction of the military dictatorship.  In desperation many have fled over the border and are making their way to Delhi, which hosts the only UN facility in India.  From that point it will take them 6-10 years for their paperwork to be processed that will allow them to be admitted to the third countries.  Until their paperwork is completed they will be fortunate to survive the slum conditions in this capital city.  Sickness, starvation, abuse, government harassment, and daily life will claim some of them.  Their children grow up knowing no other life but that a refugee without money, education, healthcare or a home.  Many of the children age 9 and over are sent out to get work so they may bring back a few rupees for their family.  These are people who had houses, farms, jobs, land and family back in the Chin State.  However, today they have lost everything and are hanging on for dear life in Delhi.  The refugee children could not go to school as they do not afford fees and also unsecured as the the local children normally beat them or take their belongings.  Most of their children could neither read nor write. Could anyone be interested on sponsoring for a learning centre for these children?

Latest from Rev Bob Frisken (President of New Hope International) August 21, 2012

I am now safely in Uganda and our training commences this afternoon. The week before the Roundtable conference proved to be very profitable. I visited a number of Christian Schools in South Africa and gave one-on-one training in Series One of the Effective Teaching Series to my host Johan Roos who was quite marvelous in the hospitality he provided. I had very useful meetings with Samson Makhado who is Director of ACSI Africa and Anne Marie Russell the ACSI Director of Southern Region. We were able to confirm details of how we will work with ACSI in tackling what they call the Elephant Project of helping over 18,000 Christian schools in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) become truly Christian.

The African Roundtable conference was amazing. Over one hundred delegates attended including the three that were sponsored by Australian Schools. The tone of the conference was set by Samson Makhado who gave an inspiring and challenging address. “Africa the Stage is yours”. The was a growing awareness of the wonderful things that God is doing in Africa as the various delegates brought the Regional reports from West Africa (Francophone) West Africa English Speaking, Central Africa, Eastern Africa and Southern Africa.

Dr Boyce brought a series of Morning Devotions which we greatly appreciated. And there were a number of fine addresses but the highlights for me were the opening and closing addresses by Dr Makhado and the address by the Bishop of Congo who amazed us with the great potential in the DRC where all the Protestant Churches are working together in unity and have committed themselves to changing their schools from what they were previously as mostly government schools to truly Christ-centered schools. These schools are currently educating nearly four million students. What an amazing opportunity we have in New Hope International to be partners in this great project and to be able to impact as nation that is one of the most troubled nations in Africa. There was a great hope that this Nation may become a leading nation in Christian education as the churches work together in unity.

Please keep praying for me and for the conference in Uganda taking place this week.

Please also pray especially for the meetings in Kenya where we need to find trustworthy partners to work with. God Bless – Bob

Visit to FCE Base in Masaiti Zambia – Written by Bob Frisken August 6, 2012

The visit to Zambia has been a wonderful provision of the Lord. It has been a time of spiritual refreshment, a wonderful experience of feeling at home in a vibrant Christian community. I have written so much about community it is wonderful to be in a community where so many of the principles I have advocated are lived out and practiced.

I have also felt very privileged to share the family home of Jannie and Elise Compion and Elise’s mother Sari and their sons Pierre and Johan.
It has been a great blessing to catch up with old friends especially Neels de Jager and Thinus Dreekmeier and many others and to make new friends. The whole atmosphere of the Base is so warm and welcoming. It was a great privilege to be at the unique birthday celebrations for Neels and Carel whose birthdays fall on the same day. Neels arrived the night before and the celebrations started at day break as each of the family and ministry groups put on special welcome meals or parts of meals. There was a great deal of creativity and humour associated with it. In the evening it was Neels turn to surprise the team and he had secretly arranged a magnificent outdoor evening meal around numerous campfires. Each of the tables put on impromptu items and there was so much fun and laughter.

I appreciated and enjoyed the opportunities of teaching the students and sometimes ministering to individuals. It was also a privilege to sit in on the feed-back session from the ex-students who gathered for the meetings on Thursday and Friday and so see how the FCE teacher education and community development programs are going. It is most encouraging to see the development of the FCE program and to be aware of their desire to work with New Hope International in the task of bringing Christ focused education to Africa.
I wondered why I had allocated so much time (ten days) at the FCE base. It seemed to me before I arrived that this had happened because of problems in arranging the itinerary but now I see how much I needed time for thinking and planning for the forthcoming meetings in Johannesburg with ACSI-Africa. The time has been a provision of the Lord.

Before I leave I am hoping to have an opportunity to discuss the plans I have drawn up for working in the D. R. of Congo and also to discuss future working together with FCE in Africa.

Africa, the stage is yours!

(By Dr Samson Makhado Conference organiser)

SECOND AFRICA ROUNDTABLE (12 – 17 August 2012)

Johannesburg, South Africa

Christianity in Africa is growing at a very fast rate. In 1900, 80% of the world’s Christians lived in Europe and North America. Today, a century later, nearly 70% of the world’s Christians live in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Christianity and Christian schooling is becoming predominantly non-Western. The new agenda for Christian education in Africa needs to develop an African brand of Christian education. This will happen through our partnership in Christian schooling and education. We need to unleash this potential by mobilizing families, churches, businesses, African states, and ecumenical partners to ensure that Africa is able to take the centre stage and move on to deepen the roots of our efforts through the gospel and by embracing the Biblical worldview.  This will also help us to forge and strengthen unity among all stakeholders to ensure that we succeed in taking the centre stage as we raise the flag or banner of God through Christian education.

We are at a pivotal time in world history.  For so long Africa was the mission field.  Now it is time for Africa, to shape itself and take the gospel back to its brothers and sisters in the Western world.  To deepen education in Africa and to equip Africans for the occasion, we need Christian education.  Hence, “Africa the stage is yours.”

Can You help

This conference will play a vital role in the development of Christian schooling in the vast Continent of Africa. However there are several candidates who are registered but who do not have the money for their costs.

Could your school help?

Australia has been asked to help the following:

  • Simon Lesiba from Southern Sudan. He will need about AUD $1500.00
  • Burkina Faso, from the Democratic Republic of Congo will act as interpreter. He will need at least AUD $ 1700.00.

If there are seven Australian schools who could be joint sponsors at $500 each we can cover the costs of both. This is not a large amount for an Australian school but will make an immeasurable deference to this conference.

Free Bible Resources Available

Free Bible resources at Being ‘open source’ means Max7 isn’t owned by anyone. Instead, anyone around the world can contribute resources to the website allowing others access to them. The significance of this is that people have the opportunity to access resources that are suitable for their context, not having to rely on expensive materials written for a western culture.

All the resources are free and are provided in multiple languages. And they’re having a global impact.

MOU signed with CSA

New Hope International has signed a number of memoranda of Association with Christian schools Associations including Christian Schools Australia, Christian Education National

and the New Zealand Association for Christian Schools. During the recent Christian Schools National Policy Forum in Canberra on the 21 to 22 May Christian Schools Australia signed a new MOU with New Hope international Limited. While NHI has worked closely with CSA since its commencement this second MOU marks a step forward in the relationship.

Stephen O’Doherty indicated that he would like to see NHI material being used in CSA schools as inservice training material. NHI committed to developing training modules based on this material that could be used in Christian schools associated with CSA.

NHI is a Mission partner with Christian Schools in Australia. It faces huge challenges in helping to promote effective Christian schooling in the poorer parts of the world. Having the support of Christian teachers and schools makes this task possible.

Report on PNG Missions Trip – NHI Conference & Building the toilet block – Wapenamanda PNG – Kevin & Rosalie Bell

During the Easter break Rosalie and Kevin Bell with their parents Stan and Lilian Wheatman visited Wapenamanda in the Enga Province of PNG to finish the construction of a toilet and  shower block in the local Primary School as well as complete Series 1 training of ‘The Introduction to Christian Teaching’.

After some difficulties actually getting into Wapenamanda which included the plane not being able to land in Mt Hagen and having to return to Port Moresby due to low cloud and also some anxious moments driving through a ‘tribal fighting zone’ the team finally arrived safe and sound.

The NHI  conference ran over 3 days and was a great blessing to approximately 50 staff from the local Primary and High School. Some vocational staff also joined in the training. Due to the tribal conflict the power lines had been cut and we operated through a 5 day power blackout, fortunately we had a back up generator which allowed us to use our data projector and laptops for the conference. Also we were able to run the power tools as well to work on the construction of the toilet block (which was completed in 9 days!).

So to the sound of cement mixers and drills etc downstairs we ran the conference in the upstairs library. It was a perfect illustration to the staff as we emphasised that quality Christian education involved not only academics but also the practical ministries of providing safe clean drinking water and a hygienic environment for students to learn in. We were actually addressing one of the United Nations millennial goals in the building of a toilet block for girls so they would feel safe and be more likely to continue their education – very practical but a real problem to be addressed in PNG. This was funded by the Australian High Commission who invited us to give a report at a ‘high tea’ luncheon on our way back through Port Moresby.

The team had opportunity to minister in 3 local churches in the Sunday services. Several deaths had occurred just before we had arrived due to sickness, some probably AIDS related which is a growing problem in the Highlands and we were able to provide comfort and hope to people who desperately needed it at this time. Kevin enjoyed hiking up to a mountain village to preach in the Sunday service and as is usual in this area was greeted as the first ‘white man’ to visit the village – amazing that in 2012 this is the case, just 4 hours flight from Sydney.

It was a great joy to complete the conference and the building project as this will improve living standards as well as educational standards. It had its share of frustrations to contend with but the battle was won, all thanks and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

Sue Skuthorpe Leads a Training Team to Manila, Philippines

This is the third year that I have had the privilege and joy to visit Manila and teach the NHI Effective Teaching Series.

This year I was joined by Cherie Snellgrove, Cassandra Pendlebury, Simone Wallace, Ingrid ten Hoopen and Simon Kolindrekaj all of whom had trained in the January Seminars. While Cherie and I have been delivering training in Manila for three years and Cassandra was teaching for the second time, for Simone, Simon and Ingrid it was their first chance to serve here.

We have been called in by the King Solomon Christian School International which is a ministry to the urban poor in Quezon City and Payatas, the garbage tip area of the capital. Over eighty teachers from the King Solomon Schools and other invited teachers came together for fellowship and great teaching. It was so exciting to share their learning journeys and to see the ways in which they connected with the NHI material.

I have watched the transformation of these teachers as they have worked passionately to deliver their new learning in their day to day classroom life. Each teacher is committed to serving their children so that being made in God’s image they grow up into His likeness. The response from the Series Three graduates was a strong desire to build a covenant community, not just in their schools but also in their Churches.

The King Solomon Christian School, together with the Living Stones on the Rock Church have had a great impact on the local community in this slum area. Amidst the clamour and traffic or at the edge of mountains of garbage, God’s grace shines through and a vibrant learning community and the beginnings of covenant community are emerging. New Hope International material is inspired of God and has the power to transform. This is what is happening. I will be back with my Manila family again next year.

Charity Run Across Kent UK

Over 5 days Kier Wilson ran 66 miles (106 K) across the County of Kent where our Sports Ministry Kick Kent works to raise awareness for our work here in the UK but also the need of help in Pori/PNG.  Each day one of our member of staff joined Kier! So far the run has raised have raised $459 AUD for the Community Integrated Educational Development Agency (CIEDA) but are hoping for more donations!

Kick Kent has recently been out to Papua New Guinea where Keir Wilson spent 3 weeks training teachers how to teach football! He spent a week in Port Moresby and ran Academy where 60 young people came from the townships, to learn Football and hear more about Jesus ! The project was funded by Kick Kent and North Kent Community Church! After spending a week in the capital, he flew out to Tari with Ken Kenamu from CIEDA project who has been trying to develop this remote part of Papua New Guinea for the last 9 years! After a long journey to get to Pori village, they were warmly welcomed by the locals. Keir spent the next two weeks training the teachers how to teach the sport and implement life skills and a bible story, to help develop the children physically and emotionally!

For many of children it was the first time they had played football! The trip finished with a tournament, three of the local schools attended, along with the chiefs of each local village! At the end, each School received footballs, equipment and Kick Kent T-shirts. Keir said some highlights were receiving a chicken as a thank you present and going hunting!

Opening of Yegeli Childcare(Learning Centre) – PNG – by Ken Kenamu

The People of Pori celebrated Good Friday with friends from New Hope International  and its Corporate Friends, Norths Construction, cutting the ribbon and followers at Yegeli Childcare/Learning centre in the Pori districts of the New Hela Province on the 6th of April,2012.

The Pori community received the rewards and blessings after working tirelessly and patiently with partners and stake holders through community integrated educational development agency (CIEDA).

Member for Tari/Pori, James Marape, was the guest speaker and arrived on Good Friday and donated K5:000 to the Yegeli community for preparing the flower gardens, building the welcome gates and schools participating in songs, drama and choir to make the important event.

Another K5;000;00 was given to CIEDA organisation for the extra projects happening at Yegeli learning centre.

Member Marape supported the idea of Childcare centre/learning centres and recommend CIEDA to promote the idea in the other Hela districts.

 A number of activities happened during the week.

Monday 2nd of April was a day for the Community health workers/nurses in Pori and Tuku to have meetings with Barbara Langford. Also CIEDA directors meeting was held together with David Landford of New Hope International ltd and Andrew Campbell of Norths Construction.

Tuesday 3rd of April was meeting with CIEDA committees members and community leaders about CIEDA projects and Barefoot Solar Power trainings to be held on a later date during the year.

Wednesday 4th of April was CIEDA trainers and directors conducting National election awareness in Pori district. The National election commission has recognised CIEDA to conduct fare and free election in Pori and Kopiagio districts of Hela Province.

Thursday 5th of April was a pig festival or Pig killing day to mark the event a special day with visitors from Australia. About 17 pigs were killed and enjoyed by the Community.

Good Friday 6th of April was the opening day at Yegeli childcare/learning centre where schools from, Yegeli, Tuku, Pori and Tade marched to the arena with flag raising and presenting choir, items and songs. Guest speakers were from New Hope Rep, David Landford, Norths Construction rep Andrew Campbell, CIEDA rep Ken Kenamu, Councillor Rep Charlie Apalu, Community REP Kuriya Kekeno, Uniting Church rep Bishop Wai Teke from Tari, Schools inspectors rep Stanely Wambu and Member for Tari Pori Hon James Marape made a closing speech and ended the day with presenting gifts to friends (Nendeke in Yuna LANGUAGE).

Fire-fighter (left) Ryan Ferguson with his father (centre) Captain David Ferguson and fire-fighter Dan Ferguson

 A Family of Fire-fighters (article from Northern Star newspaper 16/4/2012)

A rare family connection of fire-fighters at the Goonellabah Fire Station has come to an end, but the family won’t be scattered too far. Station captain David Ferguson and his sons Dan and Ryan have served alongside each other since the boys turned 18. Now Ryan is transferring to Lismore Fire Station, which is closer to where he lives and works.

“I’m sure it is some sort of record,” Captain Ferguson said. “We’ve never heard of three people from the same family serving at the same fire station. There are many husbands and wives, fathers and sons and even two siblings, but three is a rarity.

New Hope International is proud of the contribution that David Ferguson, our Business Director and his boys have made to the fire brigade in Goonellabah.  However, we are praying for the time when his support will have grown enough so that he does not need to supplement his salary in this way and can devote more of his time to his real passion, “lighting fires in people hearts” through the ministry of Christian schooling across the world.

Easter 2012

Christ is Risen

Christ is Risen (“Christos Anesti ” in Greek) has for the last two thousand years been the Christian response to the death of Jesus. It is without any doubt the most important statement in the world. For if this is not true then the whole of Christianity and the many civilisations that have been blessed by it are built on a fantasy for  as the Apostle Paul said,

If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised.

And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men. But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, (1 Corinthians  15:13-15, 17-20 NIV)

So instead of saying “happy Easter” try saying “Christ is risen” and if someone says that to you then you can respond by saying it back or something like “He is risen indeed”

We should not only say this but should rejoice in it for it makes such a difference to our lives. If we believe Christ is risen the scripture tells us we are saved from eternal death and judgment. We will be resurrected because he lives we too shall live. WE shall see all those we loved who are believers again and share eternity with them

At this Easter season let us be glad that Christ is risen and we shall one day like him be resurrected to eternal life. What a wonderful greeting to say “Christ is risen!”

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