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Advocates for the Needy

NHI works with some of the major Christian School Associations as a mission partner and is involved in nation changing programs in the Pacific, Africa and Asia. We believe that God is calling us to these important opportunities of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to developing nations through Christian education. As a faith ministry, NHI seeks to partner with Christian teachers in Australia and New Zealand who will provide both prayer and financial support and in some cases be involved in the frontline work of training overseas teachers. To help build this support, we are seeking to raise up an NHI advocate in each Christian school.

The role of the advocate is to:

  • pray regularly for the ministry of NHI
  • ensure that the NHI monthly prayer calendar and newsletters are distributed to staff
  • inform NHI of missional/service activities undertaken by their school for publication in the Advocates’ newsletter to be shared with other schools
  • encourage support for NHI in their school

Could God be calling you to be the person in your school who has a deep concern for making a difference in the poorest nations of  the world and is willing to do something to assist in this way?

For more information about being a Advocate, CLICK HERE, and If you are willing to be an advocate for your school please speak to your Principal and then email Helen Blanch the NHI Education Director.

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